Alwaari - reservation

    Either by phone or email.
  • Send email to address
  • Or call to number 040-822 5082 ( Helena Rajamäki )
Do not hesitate to contact also during the weekends and evenings!

  • If renting and arriving at the same day, payment in cash when arriving.
  • If arriving in one week after reservation, payment to given bank account or in cash when arriving
  • If arriving in 6 weeks after reservation, we will send an invoice and payment should by made according the given details.
  • If reservation is made more than 6 weeks before arrival, we will send a pre payment invoice (25% of total rent) which is due in 10 days after receiving and the rest of the payment is due 2-4 weeks before arriving.

  • Cottage is free to use from arriving date 4 pm. until leaving date 12 am.
  • At the summer time, the minimum rental period is usually one week starting either Fiday or Saturday.
  • Reservation calendar is available in, click 'Renting'-link.