Alwaari - reservation conditions

  • Cancellation must always be in written. Cancellation day is settled when the owner of the cottage has received the information. If the client can show that the cancellation has been made in advance even the information did not reach the owner, it is accepted. Cancelling the reservation is always at least 35 euros, based on/due administration costs.
  • If the cancellation is made later than 30 days before renting period starts, prepayment is not returned.
  • If the cancellation is made before renting period starts due to sudden serious illness, accident or death which has happened to lessee or his close ones, the client has the right to get paid amount back, excluding administration costs 35 euros. Cancellation must be reported as soon as possible and client must show reliable document (medical certificate etc.) If the renting period has already started, no refund is justified.
  • Changing the cottage or renting period is seen as new reservation and cancelling the old one.

  • If force majeure happens, the owner has right to cancel the reservation. In this case, the client has right to receive paid amount back.

  • Keys are distributed as agreed beforehand.
  • The client is responsible to return the according the given details. A lost key is 120 euros.

  • The cottage is free to use from arriving date 4.00 pm until leaving date 12.00 am.
  • The rent consist of access rights to the cottage, its appliances and garden.
  • The cottage has set of dishes, furniture, mattresses, pillows and plankets. The client will bring own linens. Firewood, electricity and water are included in a price.

  • Number of beds determines the allowed amount of visitors. Extra person are charged according the valid price list. Please tell us about if your visitors stay overnight, otherwise we charge daily 17 euros/person.
  • Using a caravan or tent is prohibited without permission.

  • The client is responsible to keep the cottage and garden clean during the renting period. The cottage is returned cleaned.
  • If the cottage is not returned cleaned, at least 80 euros can be demanded.

  • The client is responsible to compensate all damages happened during the stay concerning the cottage, movables and environment.
  • If the client is making serious disturbance, danger or is not following the given rules either in cottage or surroundings, the renting agreement can be cancelled immediately. The client has no right to refund.

  • Any complaints should be made immediately to the owner or the cottage responsible.
  • If this is not possible or satisfying solution can not be found, the client should make written reclamation in a month for the owner of the cottage. The owner has one month to respond. The Consumer Dispute Board can settle the case if necessary.

  • Other necessary guidelines can be founded in "Mökkikansio" (cottage book).
  • The owner is not responsible to compensate any damages or expenses based on nature (for example insects or weather).
  • Prices are announced without obligation and rights to changes remains to owner.